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UPDATES: Held in Darkness (Harry/Severus) - harry_slash

About UPDATES: Held in Darkness (Harry/Severus)

Previous Entry UPDATES: Held in Darkness (Harry/Severus) Apr. 21st, 2010 @ 11:38 pm Next Entry
Title: Held in Darkness
Authors: slashpervert and aveeno_baby
Betas: Mini Mouse, golden_snitch12, elfwreck and aislinn
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: ADULT!
Genre: Darkfic, Smut, Hurt/Comfort (Torture/Recovery)
Length: 100,000 words (36 chapters)
Pairing: Harry/Severus, Harry/Others: Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Lucius, Harry/Bellatrix/Lestranges, Harry/Mcnair, Harry/other Death Eaters, Harry/Fred/George, Harry/Ron.
Summary: Harry's search for the Horcruxes is cut short when he is captured and thrown into a life of sexual servitude to Voldemort and his Death Eaters. He is forced to endure rape, a sex-change and impregnation by the Dark Lord. His only support during this tortuous imprisonment is a man he thought he hated. Has Harry lost everything or will the unlikely ally of Severus Snape help him do more than just survive?
Warnings: This story is going to hit most people’s squick factor. It even hits mine. It's supposed to push limits. Seriously, be sure you can handle that before you read it. Warnings include: (Mark to read.) Language. M/M sex including anal, oral, rimming etc. M/F sex (kind of) including intercourse, oral and anal. Multiple partners in consensual and non-consensual situations. Violent rape and other forms of non-consensual sex. Cock and ball torture, including urethral sounding. Forced sex change. Forced pregnancy. Miscarriage including late term fetal death. Live birth. Torture, violence and humiliation. Bondage in several forms. Touch and ingestion of blood, urine and other bodily fluids. Gang rape, in both m/m, m/f and f/f forms. Inappropriate use of snakes. (Practically the only thing not in it is main character death. Harry and Severus both live.)
Notes: This story is AU from near the end of HBP. It takes some liberties with the final scene on the tower and uses parts of DH, while ignoring most of it. The story is primarily a Harry/Severus one, told from a captive Harry’s point of view. Harry spends most of the story in a female body since he is forced to take a sex-change potion. He still sees himself as male, thus the gender pronouns remain primarily masculine even when he has a female form. Thanks to corvusdea for help with Latin for spells. Both icon and title of the fic are from, with permission, Ponderosa's art, Held in Darkness.
Disclaimer: This is a non-commercial work of fan fiction intended for adult audiences only. No copyright or trademark infringement intended. (Full Disclaimer!)

[This story is complete at 36 chapters. 24 are posted now. We will continue posting a chapter each Monday and Thursday until complete. I don't plan to posts updates to comms every time we post a chapter, so if you want to follow the story, you'll need to check the slashpervert journal (IJ, LJ or DW) or friend the account.]

Chapter 1: Darkness Descends
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