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Title: Instincts
Author: Barbie_Manish
Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: belongs to JKR... She'd never do this to her own characters
Pairings: Harry/Severus, Minerva/Albus, Cat!Minerva/Cat!Harry
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Cat!Harry's instincts get the better of him. Can his relationship with Severus survive?
Word Count: 1031
Author’s Notes: Chapfic

Harry's paws fell softly on the floor of the castle as he left his quarters. He'd only been working as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts for a few weeks, and fall was starting to come fully into the air. The stones were cold and a draft was drifting through the hallways.

A strange smell was lingering in the air that night, and Harry couldn't keep himself from following. At first, he'd thought it to be one of Snape's potions, which had to be brewed in the moonlight of the Astronomy Tower, since that seemed to be where he was headed. He turned down a few hallways, where the smell seemed strongest and realized that he wasn't headed to the Astronomy Tower at all.

So what could that smell be?

He sniffed the air and purred happily at the tart taste it left on his tongue. He turned another corner and could almost see the aroma seeping out from under the door of the Transfiguration Classroom.

Harry pawed at the door and eventually slipped underneath it. He didn't see any source for this strange, alluring smell, but the smell was certainly stronger there. He could feel himself tighten with arousal as his feet automatically took him to McGonagall's office, and further on, to her personal rooms.

Still, the smell pulled him.

Harry squeezed under the door of the office and saw a thin tabby cat, curled as small as it could curl, lying apathetically on the carpet. Harry sniffed the air and followed the smell to the older cat and felt his need grow stronger.

Minerva opened one golden eye and looked at her former pupil, with his messy black fur, green eyes, and single white spot where his scar should be, and purred. She rolled around on the carpet and crouched down on her front paws elegantly.

Harry pounced.

His jaw clenched around the back of Minerva's neck, while he tried to find a good position. He reached and angled and finally found the small hole between the Tabby's legs. He jabbed inside and wasted no time in pounding into her. She mewled and clawed and cried and he fought against her with every bit he had until his release swept through him and they both fell exhausted to the rug.

Harry curled up next to Minerva and fell asleep immediately. Minerva lay awake.

How in the world was she going to explain this to Albus?


Harry looked into the eyes of the Matron and searched for the cruelty, or even humor, that he dared to hope was hidden there. He looked at Minerva and saw the tears welling up in her eyes as she rested her hand lightly on her stomach.

How in the world was he going to explain this to Severus?


The walk to the castle was seasonally cold, with slight dusting of snow on the ground. Harry kept looking over at his co-worker and back at his own feet. How could he have done this? He wasn't straight to begin with, and he had knocked up his Transfiguration teacher! He clenched his fists and felt his knuckles numb in the cold air. He dared not wonder what was on the mind of his equally silent companion as they tread to the castle as if walking to their own executions.

Had she known that this would happen? Had that been her reason for avoiding him before? She had been elusive before, and slightly after what he was sure they'd both begun referring to as "the incident." He had never expected his animagus form to take control; he'd never studied more into the practice than necessary. Though, now he wished he had.

Minerva coughed into her mitten and continued walking at a brisk pace. Harry wanted to touch her arm and ask of her wellbeing, but something inside of him would not allow it. He sighed inwardly and looked at the snow falling to the ground, like changing the world around them in a futile effort to change the reality of things. Nothing could change what had happened, and nothing could change what would inevitably happen now.


Harry felt the cold rivers fall down his cheeks as they passed the gates of Hogwarts. This was the only home he'd ever had and now he felt that he'd messed everything up. Perhaps they would have been better if he hadn't come back to teach. Perhaps they would have been better off if the remaining Death Eaters had killed him after he'd killed their leaders. Harry suddenly wished that they had done so.

He brushed the snow from his shoulder in an attempt to disguise the wiping of the tears on his face. He looked up at the tower where their Headmaster was waiting, knowingly, for their arrival. Would he have summoned Severus up as well?

When Harry had told Severus what had happened, and that he had been in his Cat form, unable to fight the lure of a female in heat, Severus had understood. Would he be so understanding now? Would he allow Harry to be a part of this child's life? Would he be a part of it, too?

Harry opened the door for Minerva and she started to outright sob. Harry jumped and stayed behind a few paces while his former professor led the way to her own beloved's quarters. Harry realized how hard it must have been for Minerva and Albus, who had been together for nearly fifty years, to have to face this abomination of an event.

Harry hadn't been present when Minerva had broken the news of her betrayal to Albus, but he was sure there had been tears, and he was sure that they had both blamed him.

They reached the Headmaster's office and the stone gargoyle stepped aside gloomily, without a word being spoken. Harry and Minerva climbed the golden spiral staircase and lightly tapped on the door of Dumbledore's office.


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